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Company stores carrying mugs
 Amdahl Company Store  
 Apple Designs Loads of stuff from the Software/Hardware firm, Apple
 HP Mostly wellknown for it's hardware, but actually makes a Un*x-variant too.
 Intel Intel apparantly makes far too many faulty chips? You can buy earrings with embedded Pentium chips ! Cool shop. Not so cool firm.
 SGI Specialises in mugs. At SGI (which also incorporates Cray), you'll find many mugs. And luckily they're not as expensive as their machinery
 Talk City  
 Wood Associates Doesn't carry mugs themselves, but they host Company stores like Amdahl, Cisco, Sun, and Talk City. Cool firm.

Company stores without PowerMugs (boo, hiss)
 Adaptec Show your fetich for hard disk controllers
GNU/FSF GNU and the Free Software Foundation.
Heidelberg USA
Metrowerks Calls their shop "GeekWare". As the holy book says :"The geek shall inherit the Earth".
RedHat The most popular Linux variant. Only shops T-shirts.

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